The classic rolling paper has some friends to add to your stash


Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Zig-Zag. (Looks around the planet and sees basically everyone raising a hand.) Of course, we’ve all heard of Zig-Zag and their fab rolling papers. They’ve been around for, like, 140 years (literally) and have forever been the go-to for rolling your weed up into jays. Whether you enjoy the French orange, the original white, or rock the Kings like the heavy hitter you are, a lot of folks consider Zig-Zag the best rolling papers on the market (and they’d be correct).

But, hold up–before you think you know everything about the company, there are a two newer products—100% organic hemp rolling papers and cones—that use the same century-old craft and care the company puts into all its products while offering the best innovations for today’s joint-rolling needs, pro and novice alike. 

Paper priorities

Why are we devoting so much attention to rolling papers? Listen, you likely spend a lot of time obsessing about what you’re going to grind up and put in your rolling paper, but have you taken a minute to really examine the paper itself? Simply put, rolling paper matters. What you reach for has an environmental impact, affects the way the joint smokes, and either enhances—or hampers—the experience of rolling a joint

Let’s examine how each of Zig Zag’s newer products take on the challenges of being all that a rolling paper need to be—and more.

Don’t panic, it’s organic. 

First up: 100% organic hemp rolling papers. The name says it all. Organic means no fillers, no additives, no yucky chemicals that you’ll end up smoking along with your weed. Just pure plant pulp pressed into paper magic. And hemp, of all plants, is a fantastic choice for this purpose. Unlike trees, which can take decades to grow and reach maturity, hemp grows lightning fast, making it a much more sustainable and replenishable choice. Unfussy and determined, hemp can grow with no fertilizer–all it needs is soil and sunshine to get the job done. 

Not only does hemp have a light footprint on the environment, it’s much beloved by the joint connoisseurs of the world. With its slow, steady burn, and the fact that it’s entirely tasteless, it keeps the focus exactly where you want it to be—enjoying what’s inside. 

DIY, or not. 

For many, there is no activity more meditative and relaxing as rolling a joint. Everything is part of the ritual: easily removing a single sheet from the packet (a process patented by Zig-Zag in 1894), filling it up with perfectly ground weed, that first, most-important tuck, licking to seal it, twisting an end, and blazing it up. For joint lovers, each of those steps is as soothing and therapeutic as the time spent afterward–enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

But let’s be honest, not every jay-lover is blessed with sick hand rolling skills. For some, a hand-rolled joint ends up looking less like a perfect pinner or killer cone but more like a withered broken pinkie finger. Zig-Zag’s other new kid on the block, cones, solves that problem, turning any roll-challenged person into a pro. Simply fill up a pre rolled cone—tip included—pack, twist the end, and you’re set. You’ll never have that embarrassing experience of holding up a limp, loose, or lackluster joint again. Crowds will be wowed.

Each cone is made from Zig-Zag’s proprietary paper that prevents runs and ensures the smoothest burn. The best part? The cones come packaged in a tidy little box that are utterly crushproof, acting as an instant stashbox for your treasures. And you can rest assured, your cones, filled or not, will stay pristine in the case.

Roll away

Whether It’s premium, organic hemp paper to roll your own, or cones that you can stuff, twist and blaze, 140 years later Zig-Zag still has the wrap on the rolling paper market.

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