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Welcome to Leafly Buzz—our monthly round-up of what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s best-selling in the $10.7 billion world of legal cannabis cultivars.

Eleven US states have legalization, comprising 20% of the US population. That’s a lot of good pot.

Every month, Leafly’s experts highlight the top of the cannabis crop in the West: including Portland, Los Angeles, Seattle, and beyond.

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This month: Peanut Butter Breath finds more fans nationwide; Cookies debuts Apples and Bananas on the West Coast; and Phat Panda moves Kush Mintz, and Han Solo Burger in Washington.

Plus, we learn about live rosin from Alien Labs’ new collaboration with award-winning Kalya extracts.

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Peanut Butter Breath is in the air

Step aside, sweet Cakes. Savory peanut butter is talking. PB Breath grown by Luminati, via The Green Cross SF. (David Downs/Leafly)
Step aside, sweet Cakes. Savory peanut butter is talking. PB Breath grown by Luminati, via The Green Cross SF. (David Downs/Leafly)

Nutty, earthy, gassy, crazy strong, Peanut Butter Breath made monthly gains this summer of 11%, according to Leafly.com search data. You can’t go wrong with Do-Si-Do crossed with Mendo Breath. This stuff’ll spin you around and won’t let you down.

Also, no surprise to see the cross of two favorites Zkittlez and CookiesZookies—moving up in the charts. It’s an extra sweet, syrupy GSC that’s great in big joints and perfumes up the room.

Meanwhile, Colorado’s Member Berry—a reference to South Park’s 2016 season 20 embodiment of toxic nostalgia—drops 22%. Ethos Genetics crossed Skunkberry with Mandarin Sunset to create Member Berries, ‘member?

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Here’s the full ticker:

Strain highlights of September

Brand new on shelves—Apples and Bananas

Notes of fruit and fuel wafts off Apples and Bananas. Bred by Compound Genetics for Cookies brand stores. (Courtesy Apples and Bananas)
Notes of fruit and fuel wafts off Apples and Bananas. Bred by Compound Genetics for Cookies brand stores. (Courtesy Apples and Bananas)

Sneakerheads line up outside of Supreme for exclusive shoe drops. Why should weed be any different?

Keep your store menus bookmarked for the first-ever drops from Cookies and Compound Genetics: Apples and Bananas.

Tasting like apples, bananas, and fuel, this limited edition indoor flower comes to Cookies stores across California this fall: Berner’s on Haight, Cookies Maywood, Cookies Hayward, etc. Buy from a licensed dispensary to get the real deal, because it’s guaranteed to be hella fakes on Instagram.

Portland, OR’s Compound Genetics already gassed up the nation this year with its Jet Fuel Gelato line of crosses, as well as its Jokerz line of Runtz crosses.

No surprise that in 2020, Compound joined forces with Cookies. Cookies’ legal exotics now flow coast to coast, and everyone can get an authentic taste; for a price.

(Did you manage to pick some up? Send us pictures of your Apples and Bananas at buzz@leafly.com.)

Rocketing up the charts—Vanilla Frosting

Marijuana gardening tips - best new strains of 2019 Vanilla Frosting by Happy Dreams Farm
This year, Happy Dreams Farm’s Vanilla Frosting takes the dessert strain craze in a new direction. (Courtesy Dark Heart Nursery)

Growers love Vanilla Frosting because she’s thicc, potent, blingy, and based on the best genetics Gelato has to offer. You will love her too.

On the market since 2019, 2020 is her hot girl summer. Humboldt Seed Co’s Vanilla Frosting seed packs, as well as Dark Heart Nursery clones have become acres of this tasty, vanilla-smelling cross of Humboldt Frost OG to Humboldt Gelato Bx3.

Find Vanilla Frosting in flower, crumble, pe-roll, you name it from Cali to Oregon to Seattle and beyond.


Kush Mintz from Phat Panda of Washington

One of the best-selling brands in Washington, indoor growers Phat Panda serve up one of Cookies’ classics—Kush Mintz; a cross of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush beloved the world over. Think scrumptious sweet-dank cookie taste with a hint of mint, and potent, high-THC sedation.

See also:

Han Solo Burger (Courtesy Phat Panda)
Nerf herders: Han Solo Burger (Courtesy Phat Panda)

Han Solo Burger from Phat Panda of Washington

OG and Cookies families unite in this cross of GMO and Larry OG, available in flower and pre-roll, and made affordable by Phat Panda huge grow-ops. Great name, price, and effects.

See also:

High note: live rosin

Special shoutout to live rosins this month.

Award-winning California growers Alien Labs teamed up with award-winning solventless hash team Kalya to release a summer run of Cosmic Crisp live rosin that’s $100 a gram and 78% THC.

What’s live rosin and why’s it so pricey?

Cosmis Crisp live rosin
Alien Labs + Kalya Cosmic Crisp live rosin (David Downs/Leafly)

This is fresh-frozen Alien Labs Cosmic Crisp flowers, washed to separate trichome heads, then pressed to release terpenes and THC, leaving the waxy trichome shells behind.

Cosmic Crisp is Triangle Mints x Apple Fritter—with flavors of sour apple dessert, fuel, and vanilla. It smells phenomenal and hits like the purest bubble hash you’ve ever had—hyper smooth, terpy AF, and maximally mind-wiping.

Sanskrit for “perfection,” look for Kalya extracts at Zenganic delivery, and Elevated SF. Alien Labs flowers can be found in fine cannabis stores across California.

(Tip: Make sure to keep live rosins cold during the ride home from the dispensary, and store them cold as well. Heat makes the volatile terpenes boil off and break, and ruins the color, translucency, and some of the taste.)

Growers, breeders, brands, stores—got buzz for Leafly? We’re all ears. Email us at buzz@leafly.com.

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