Illinois’ best weed products: summer 2021


Legal weed in Illinois makes the Midwest more fun than ever.

Illinois offers a variety of different cannabis products that will help fuel your summer with good vibes and even better weed. Even if you aren’t in a larger city, you can still find weed products that make you feel like you’re cruising down Lake Shore Drive with zero problems.

Cities like Springfield and Champaign contain multiple dispensaries that will help you complete your summer goals with products that are tasty, terpy, and tantalizing.

RYTHM flower

Product type: cannabis flower

RYTHM’s Sour Diesel delivers on its reputation as an uplifting strain superb for melting away stress and revving you up for your day. Illinoisians searching for a strain that delivers a burst of energy would be wise to incorporate this product into their morning routine.

RYTHM’s flower packaging gets high marks for informing consumers about the strain-specific terpenes right on the jar. Runner-up to this strain is RYTHM’s Layer Cake – which is more helpful for relaxation.

PTS capsules

Product type: sativa capsule

Discovering your ideal weed experience may mean that it is time for you to play with new modes of consumption. Have you given capsules a try?

PTS Pure Essentials Momentum sativa capsules contain 10 mg of energizing THC along with vitamins and electrolytes. Throw them in your bag and take them to the pool for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Don’t forget your sunscreen and water bottle!

1906 drops

Product type: capsules

Another point for capsules! This time, it’s 1906 Chill drops that we’re rooting for. Each Chill drop has 5mg of THC and 25mg of CBD, with 20 drops per tin.

These drops are great for winding down after an energetic evening or committing to six hours of binge-watching on your couch – depending on what you’re in the mood for. And if you’re really picking up what 1906 is laying down, they have five other varieties of drops to help you optimize your day.

PAX Era and PAX pods

Product type: pod and vaporizer

Summer 2021 is the last time you’ll be caught slipping without a little cannabis extract somewhere in your immediate vicinity. With the PAX Era and PAX pods, you have a reliable vape and concentrate pod combo at your service.

You can find PAX pods in many different strains from many different brands. This summer, we’re enjoying RYTHM’s relaxing, yet euphoric Lavender Jones.

CANN weed beverages

Product type: edible (drinkable)

CANN is huge in California, and it’s a delight to see them spread the love to Illinois. Cannabis beverages are huge this year, and the tasty flavors that Cann offers explain everything you need to know about the brand’s goal to be the social tonic of your choice.

We tried the low-dose Grapefruit Rosemary, but bet the Pineapple Jalapeno is also a hit.

Aeriz flower

Product type: aeroponic cannabis flower

Creating a more sustainable cannabis industry is important for our future. Aeriz grows its aeroponic cannabis in a recyclable medium that has no soil waste and minimizes nutrient waste.

Aeriz’ Jenny Kush is perfect for seshing with friends, watching the sunset, or listening to your favorite summer playlist and singing your heart out.

Ozone pre-packed chillum

Product type: pre-packed chillum

Pre-packed chillums are the mess-free solution for smoking flower wherever you please. Just grab a lighter and grab a quick hit.

Check out Ozone’s Lemon Cake chillum to lighten the mood of a day that’s gotten away from you or just because you love its skunky smell. If you can’t find the Lemon Cake chillum, check out the brand’s Watermelon Ice.

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