How you can help 6 state legalization campaigns right now



In the final two-week run-up to Election Day on Nov. 3, legalization efforts in six states are looking for a final push to win over undecided voters.

Here’s how you can help.


Prop. 207, adult-use legalization, is gaining support among Arizona voters as Election Day nears. In a mid-October poll, 56% of contacted voters approved of Prop. 207, while 36% opposed and 7% were undecided.

To move those undecideds into the approval category, the Smart and Safe Arizona campaign can use your help.


Mississippi’s Medical Marijuana 2020 campaign has a tough challenge: Convince residents to vote for Initiative 65 (the real legalization measure) and not Initiative 65A (the fake measure).

Every dime makes a difference! Donate here.


Montana’s twin legalization measures, CI-118 and I-190, are facing a last-minute challenge from prohibitionists, who see pre-election polling moving in favor of legalization.

To pitch in and help that effort, donate here.

New Jersey

New Jersey’s effort to legalize adult-use cannabis has really touched a chord with state voters, 61% of whom indicate they’re in favor of Question 1.

To help keep that momentum rolling, donate to the Question 1 campaign here.


Oregon’s Measure 109 would legalize the regulated medical use of psilocybin. It’s the first statewide measure of its kind to go before voters. To help Oregon make history, donate to the Measure 109 campaign here.

South Dakota

Advocates in South Dakota are legalizing both medical use and adult use on one ballot, in order to secure the rights of all state residents and protect against state legislators overturning the will of the people.

To help South Dakota legalize cannabis, CA-A and IM-26, donate to the New Approach campaign here.

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