8 cannabis products for game day on the East Coast


When it comes to game day, the East Coast truly shines with unique products that can make your tailgate or at-home party a little brighter. Whether you’re cheering on the Lions or hoping for a Patriots loss, elevate your festivities with these eight cannabis products found on the East Coast. 

Incredibles’ Pumpkin Pie Bar

The limited-edition Pumpkin Pie Bar from Incredibles is packed with 100 milligrams of THC per bar. You’ll get a taste of white chocolate and pumpkin spice in every bite. 

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Available: Massachusetts

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Cannonymous Labs Exploding Cherry Pot Rocks

With 25 milligrams of THC per packet, the Exploding Cherry Pot Rocks from Cannonymous Labs is a unique take on the usual candy edibles lining dispensary shelves. 

Available: Michigan

Mighty Viking Dill Pickle Gummies

You may be familiar with the Pickle Back shot, or you may just love pickles. Either way, you can add these 10-milligram THC Mighty Viking Dill Pickle Gummies to your game day feast next to the relish, pickle spears, and pickle slices.

Available: Maine

Hastur Glass NFL Glass Pipes

Rep your favorite team with these NFL glass pipes from Hastur Glass. Made-to-order and handblown, choose your own favorite team or surprise a superfan in your life. 

Available: Nationwide

Kaneh Co. Salted Toffee Blondies

West Coast cannabis brand Kaneh Co. entered the East Coast market in Michigan and consumers can get their hands on the brand’s rich Salted Toffee Blondies with 10 milligrams of THC per blondie. 

Available: Michigan

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RYTHM Jack Herer Disposable Vape Pen

Bright and vibrant, RYTHM’s Jack Herer Disposable Vape Pen contains 300 milligrams of THC. This sativa-dominant strain matches the energy and buzz of pre-game excitement. 

Available: Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania


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Skymint Varsity Blue Gummies

Specifically crafted for game day on the East Coast, Skymint’s football-inspired Varsity Blue gummies contain 100 milligrams of THC per bag with flavors of pear, passionfruit, and pomegranate.

Available: Michigan

Tropizan Traditional Pique Hot Sauce 

Hailing from Puerto Rico, the Tropizan Traditional Pique Hot Sauce contains 120 milligrams of THC in a 24-serving bottle. Warm yourself up in the face of frigid East Coast winters with infused spice on your burgers, hot dogs, or clam chowder. 

Available: Massachusetts

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