5 times Rihanna perfected stoner fashion


If Rihanna’s a joint, I’m a joint.

Stoner fashion. It can range from Grateful Dead t-shirts to tote bags that remind you to Buy Weed from Women. And while every stoner has their own style, there’s one Bajan queen that always takes the cake.

Along with her signature confidence and the delivery of immaculate seshing albums like ANTI, Rihanna emboldens stoners everywhere to push the boundaries when it comes to looking good and loving weed. She has provided us with countless ensembles that we could discuss, but, inspired by her Sept. 10 spread in Dazed, we’ve put together a brief list of Rih’s top stoner fashion looks.

1. The human joint

Here we see Rihanna dressed as a joint with a briefcase. I don’t know about you, but at Leafly, we think it’s giving the ultimate cannabis industry power luncheon outfit. The only question is if the briefcase is full of nugs, cash, or both. Probably both. And maybe a lip gloss.

2. This vapor vixen look

What we love about this photo is how Rihanna looks like an incredible sultry bong hit. Not only does she blow clouds, but she also becomes the clouds. Any fashion critic worth their beans can see that she intends to continue to blowing minds and redefining what it means to be an absolute smoke show.

3. Her golden 2015 Met Gala gown

This look left our jaws on the floor in 2015 and made this list for more reasons than one. First of all, what stoner doesn’t like a comfy coat blanket? Second, the golden tones here remind us of some of the most glorious concentrates we’ve ever seen. This is yet another example of fashion and stoner symbolism at the same time. Trust me.

4. This casual award acceptance outfit the color of fresh ground weed

In 2020, Rihanna accepted an award wearing this coordinating green outfit. Along with literally looking like a fly af nug, she is also wearing sunglasses. I cannot stress to you how important sunglasses are to stoners. They are a critical accessory for keeping people out of our business, looking effortlessly cool, and hiding eyes that may be hanging a little low due to a recent sesh.

5. This outfit that gives hot hemp wick chic

Rih is quite obviously prepared to light up a blunt and light up a room in this fire look. She is expressing ridiculous levels of hotness while also embodying the concept of sparking up anytime, anywhere.

It’s outfits like these that keep us inspired to live life as a stoner to its fullest, and never be afraid to let our fashion show the world who we truly are. Thanks for inspiring us, Rihanna!

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